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Jan 14, 2007

Stumbled on your forum and found it fascinating. Always have been interested in WW2 aviation and particularly a fan of the P-38. JUst wamted to say hello.
I was surfing for some info on P-38's and found your site. As I said the P-38 holds particular fascination for me but all WW2 aircraft interests me. My Dad was in the 8th during WW2 and I used to have a "yearbook" from his class at Kelly AFB. He was a bombardier on B-24's.
I went to Reno last Sept. for the races and was blown away. First chance I had to get close to WW2 warbirds. Looking forward to the site.
I'll have to take a closer look later. Have to go cut some firewood now. Thanks for the info.
i like the way our site's getting bigger- a few times now we've been in the first few results when you google something...........
i don't think spamming's a massive problem on the site, the biggest problem is the thousands of people that sign up just to get a picture or ask one question then we get thousands of usernames not doing anything..........

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