New toy, Indian Roadmaster..sold my BMW K1600gtl for more laid back riding

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Feb 9, 2006
For some reason with the Beemer I always wanted to go fast, I turned 60 and am more layed back, Hope this works.


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Torch I join the jealousy group. I always loved those Indians. It was a shame all the problems all those groups had trying to re-establish the brand. Back about 20yrs ago or so I had a chance to "steal" a completely restored 1953 Indian Chief Roadmaster from a guy desperate for money. After two years and three breakdowns (in Boofoo Land naturally) and over $3000 for simple parts and months of waiting I gave up and sold it.
Like my 1957 Merc Marauder convertible I love to have it back again
Thats a classic beauty. I would of never bought it if it wasn't picked up by a major player in the motorsport market, the other attempts were onesy twosy operations with S&S motors. I plan on riding till I'm 70 so by then with warranty etc it's not going to matter anymore. I pick it up this afternoon when the wife gets home to drive me there. Didn't want a H&D or a Star product, have had a Strat and a RKC in the past. At least this version actually looks like an older Indian motor wise anyway.

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