New US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy arrives at Japan!

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Caroline participated in "Tour de Tohoku 2016" a bike tour to encourage the tsunami victims and their families today.
She is very healthy.

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On Oct 20, Caroline watched the U.S. Presidential debate on TV with Japanese students to ask them which side they would support. 90% supported Caroline's side, of course.

Thanks for your kind comment, David !

Ambassador jogs with the women's marathon silver medalist of the 2016 Summer Paralympics Misato Michishita and her friends to praise in Fukuoka City today. This is almost 3 years since her arrival in Japan.

On November 14, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida invited US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy to his favorite ethnic food restaurant to celebrate her birthday though a couple of weeks too early. This had been substantially a thank you party for her contribution as Ambassador. 3-year was short.

As far as I remember, Caroline Kennedy is the most popular US Ambassador among Japanese people since Edwin Reischauer in the 1960s when her father was President.
We have had very impressive friendly and peaceful time with her.
Happy Birthday Caroline !
You are doing great job :thumbleft:

On December 13, a MV-22 Osprey crash landed off Okinawa's east coast.
U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy told Japan's Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida a temporary halt of flights on the phone.

Lt General Lawrence D. Nicholson in Okinawa also held press conference on December 14.

Duration 44:56

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She is doing her job as energetically as ever.

Promotion of the studying abroad in the U.S. in Kyoto last week.
I may agree, MM.
Frankly, I sometimes have strange feeling when the U.S. officials in Japan emphasize their friendliness like the Chinese characters on the U.S. military planes or a huge torii gateway in front of the Yokota Airbase. They make little sense if not a Japanese.
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This is it at Atsugi too.
Looks strange because there is no shrine behind it.
No shrine, no soul. No soul, no respect.

Just a decoration but the torii should not be treated as decoration because it is sacred one.

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Caroline contributes to the memorial event with Mr Obama and Mr Abe in Hawaii.
Interview with ANN News on December 27, 2016.
Sorry no English subtitle.

Duration 3:01

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