New US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy arrives at Japan!

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Ambassador meets Emperor for leaving office greeting.
Ms Caroline Kennedy is to resign as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan on January 20, 2017.

... this is a sad end for you, I know, Shin, :( but many presidents besides Trump have required resignations from political appointee ambassadors .... but she has been superb in her role and Trump should take advantage of her nuanced approach to your culture and country. :)
We know any her predecessors were great and did their best too but she was exceptional.
Wow, she has truely left Japan :shock:
Thank you very much Ms Caroline Kennedy for your good work. It was very historical between two countries.
Please take care of your health and let us look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Thanks everyone.
This thread ends.

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This is a sequel.

Caroline's former boss suddenly appeared in Tokyo yesterday.
Just a local news but I was curious as Abe welcomed him.

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This red-square-1 does not disappear for a couple of days.
Can I do anything here to solve? Thanks :)


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