Oblt. Helmut Tiedmann, Bf 109E-4 'Black 13', II./JG3, Battle of Britain GB

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Ta much!
A good thing that white isn't that bad....:lol: Oh well, more work on the '109's tomorrow and later start on the '88!
White or yellow doesn't really bother me either - especially sprayed. Just got to take care handling it, a bit like a woman.
How the h*ll would I know - after more than one wife??!!


...and that blasted spinner decal to follo! :lol:

Had to go back and check on Aeromaster here....to make sure that I didn't f*ck up.. :lol:
It say that the machine had the RLM 02 and 71 as camouflage, right.... On the Vallejo list that transformes to their 71044 Light Grey Green and 71015 Olive Grey respectively. So according that I'm cool, but still the camouflage looks a bit 'odd'. :lol:

Anyway....up and onwards!
Cheers Brother, appreciated! Just done the prop decal now, letting it dry until tomorrow. Think that I might do some weathering and some clear and let it dry overnight...hmmmm.
Thank you frightfully old boy, awfully kind of you! Was feeling like taking one (or several ones) beacuse it's not clearly for this spinner! :lol: Think that the end result is ok though...

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