Bf-109E-3 Ofw Illner White 2 of II./JG51 Battle of Britain Group Build

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Dec 9, 2007
Revis Island.
Username: B-17engineer
Name: Harrison
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Hasegawa
Extras: Aeromaster decals.

YEP! Another 109. :lol:

I decided to pick this highly decorated (Not in the form of shooting down other fighters.........the artwork) fighter flown by Ofw Hans Illner. The aircraft has his girlfriends name at the time written beneath the cockpit. It has a weeping cat emblem and big red lips on the airplanes chin which signified his first victory. Its heavily mottled in RLM 70 and 71 but this is the FIRST time I've ever attempted mottling, not a great bird to choose my first attempt on I suppose but I'll be fine!

Here are all the picture I have and thanks Wayne!!


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Now on the tail of the 109 in the first profile it has red stripes going across the tail and the profile Wayne so kindly doesn't.....? Also its pretty dam hard to tell in the pictures!
Very original too if I do say so myself :lol: :lol:

Woah just noticed the first profile said II/JG 51 and the one Wayne posted said 4./JG 51??? Hmm...
Nice one H, don't think those are red stripes on the rudder in the first profile just an indication of the underlying structure as all the profiles in the first pic have them.
Good pick H.

The squadrons are consistent. 4/JG 51 is, by definition, part of the II gruppe which contains 4,5, and 6 staffeln so it is still part of the 2nd group. Using 4/JG 51 just is a lttle more precise.
Anshuss bars would be the kill markings. The three small white vertical stripes just below and forward of the the swastika
Thanks Glenn!

I have a P-51B I have no decals for in 1.72 since I don't build that scale and don't wanna bother using decals thats my colorful model so to speak!
Agree with Glenn. I recognise the second profile - still shuddering after painting that red and white spinner.
BTW, it's Abschuss, meaning 'shoot out' or 'shoot down', full title Abschuss zeichen.
And yes, the red stripes are representing the ribs of the rudder framework, just the printing process making them look like red stripes.

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