**** DONE: Bf109E-4 Jg2 white 9 Battle of Britain Group Build

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Looking good Glenn. I can't quite see if you've done it, but on the rear glazing, there was an internal frame, running fore and aft,centrally in the top panel.

That frame is molded on the inside as a deep grove which unfortunately acted as a bend point when I was removing the part from the sprue. It didn't break in half but it came close, and the clear plastic at that point turned white from bending it, so I painted the frame on the outside to cover the white.
The weekend got off to a pretty good start. I painted the yellow nose and tail before dinner.

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Had a bit if trouble. Lost one of the landing gear legs and after an exhaustive search it was still nowhere to be found, so I fabricated one out of sprue, in between kidney stone attacks yesterday using a needle file. A micrometer was used to compare it to the leg off my other 109. Pictures below show the process with the fabricated leg on the bottom.

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Wow, you attacked your kidney stones with a needle file? That must have hurt! :shock:

Really good work there Glenn. What method did use to achieve the varying diameters? Almost looks like you used a small lathe.
What method did use to achieve the varying diameters? Almost looks like you used a small lathe.
I rolled the sprue in my fingers as I filed it. When I achieved the correct diameter for the thicker portions, I wrapped them in masking tape and took down the area between the masking tape with the file, using the edge of the tape as a guide for the file, all the wile rolling the part between my fingers to keep it reasonable round, and constantly checking the diameter with the micrometer. The axle was done by drilling a hole and inserting a small piece of steel rod, then gluing a short length of aluminum tube over the rod. The drag link was made from some plastic bits from the spairs box. All together it took a good 2 hours to finish.

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