**** DONE: Bf109E-4 Jg2 white 9 Battle of Britain Group Build

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Thanks guys, I thought I was done for when that leg went missing.

Been home sick today with the kidney stone, taking pain killers and sleeping a lot, but managed to get a lot of the decals on in my waking moments and hope to finish up the stencils tonight. Tomorrow I go to get the stone pulled out so I don't know If I'll get anything done and the finish is getting real close.

I'll post pictures when I finish the decals.
All decals finished. I'll seal them with Future tomorrow if I feel up to it.

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'WOW' Glenn that is an incredible piece of work, I can just imagine twiddling that little sprue. If it were me doing it, I'd still be trying to prise my fingers apart.

Good luck for tomorrow Glenn, hope all goes well and your recovery is swift.
Back to the work bench and feeling better. Panel lines blackened and a little bit of weathering, then the first coat of Dull-Coat.

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Thanks Andy. Still not 100% but at least the pain is mostly gone and I can concentrate.

Did some weathering with pastels.

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Thanks guys. Have to see the Dr. tomorrow to have a stent removed so I might not get much done out on the back porch.
To day I finished up the landing gear legs and mounted them. The scratch built one is on the left in the first pic and on the right in the second. My space heater wasn't quite cutting it out there to day!

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