MEMBERS CHOICE POLL: Battle of Britain Group Build #7

Member's Choice Poll / Best in Show

  • Airframes : Bf109E 'White 6' JG3, Sept. 1940

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  • ozhawk40 : Bf109E4 Kommandeur Hauptmann Hans von Hahn 1./JG3 Aug 1940

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  • ozhawk40 : Hurricane Mk1 V6555 S/L RR Stanford Tuck

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  • Vic Balshaw : Spitfire Mk.II

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  • Vic Balshaw : Blackburn Roc

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  • jamierd : Beaufighter Mk 1F 219 Sqn RAF

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  • Crimea_River : Spitfire Mk. 1 R6595 DW-O 610 Sqdn P/O F.K. Webster

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  • Rochie : Bf 109 E-4 Helmut Wick JG 2 Oct 1940

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  • Rochie : Hurricane Mk I V6684 RF-F 303 sqdn (Polish) RAF

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  • javlin : Spitfire MkI. 92 Sqd.

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The Spitfires of 19 Sqn were based at Duxford, and its satellite, Fowlmere, during the BoB. Most photos and film footage of their aircraft show that they were kept in remarkably clean condition, with very little dirt or weathering, possibly due to having less pressures, being further north. In most cases,they also carried smaller roundels than shown on Jay's model.
As u guys know I got the "detail" eye thats hidden usually under my pirate patch, and ive been looking through these pics for weeks and weeks, comparing and enjoying each kit....

There were 3 kits that I kept going back to, and my eye was constantly drawn to the absoulte perfection of Wayne's camo work up... The fading and detail of the paint work, as well as the precise panel line work is just simply amazing Brother...

Wayne, congratulations on a phenominal kit my man... It definatly deserved my vote... This was by far one of the hardest to decide on, hats off to ALL u guys...
:-k I was wondering who gets the bragging rights Glenn or Andy?and what about the placements?inquiring minds want to know :) Cheers
I'll donate it to Glenn, seeing as how I had a member's choice for the Heavy Hitter's build.

I had a members choice win too with the Kursk GB. I still think we should go with a tie

A fantastic gesture by both of you guys and I feel that you are both deserving winners and should share the honour, so how about half a scroll each.....................:!: :!:

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