Oh the choices!

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I recently recieved funds with which to finally get a Dora model. But I simply can't decide which one to get! The two that I have my eye on are the Trumpeter 1/24 for $124.99 and the Hasegawa 1/32 for $40-$60(I haven't actually seen on in-store, so I think they'd have to order one in, and I've just seen varying prices in CDN dollars on the internet). I'm not sure if anyone has experience with these kits, but any advice would be appreciated! I know Hasegawa kits are always good, and I got the Trumpeter 1/32 Me 262, and it was also a very good model, which is also what I've heard about the 190.

Thanks guys!
Straight up Hasegawa are tried and tested generally flawless kits, trumpeter are very cool too. I noticed your a Dora fan so to be honest the Trumpeter will have some cool options and is very detailed, Id go for the Trumpeter if it was me.:)
Dora's forever!!! My favorite aircraft. Heinz is right the Hasegawa is a good kit and you can upgrade some components with improved resin parts from Eagle Editions, you also have many more decal options from EE as well. You could get some of this stuff from the savings! over the Trumpeter kit.Seeing as though you already have a 1/32 Me262, a Dora alongside in the same scale would be a good way to go comparison wise.
However. the choice is still yours to make.
Thank you very much for the input! And I must say, you're 190 is quite beautiful!

I was thinking about the EE decal sheets, but I didn't think about the comparison between the Dora and 262.
then you will rejoice when EE Dora volume 1 is released, it is going to be a hot book. - September this year ~

man $ 125.00 US for plastic ? arg that seems very steep to me
I would go with the Hasegawa and with the extra cash get some different decals and extras to make it a little more personal. I love getting a model, doing some research and making something different than "Galland's Bf 109"!!!! whoo hoo!
Well guys, thank you very much for the input! I'm going to the store hopefully today or tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to get a definitive price on the Hasegawa, which I am now leaning towards. I'm also going to snoop around to see if there are any stores that may have some of the EE decals in stock or for order in my area as opposed to ordering them from EE directly.

And Njaco, I know what you mean! I rarely do the exact paint/decal schemes that come with the models. A lot of times I'll do very close, but I'll add some personal touches such as kill markings if not present, or a name. When we get our digital camera up and running (or if we get a new one I suppose), I'll post pics of my models, which includes an Ostfront armor diorama with a Panther, StuG IV, T-34/76 and /85, all in winter camo. AND I've got an Fw 190 F-8 that I built a few years back. But that's just a few. I'll also post pics my progress on the Dora that I get, regardless of which one.
Ok, I have it narrowed down to these planes:

II./JG 6 "Blau Neun" and Werner Hohenburg 4./JG 2 "Schwarz <||" from this sheet:


What do you guys think? If you have any other suggestions, I'm open!
why don't you wait for the first volume of Dora, there will be tons of images-profiles and of course EE is going to put them in decal form. hang onto your bucks
Under normal circumstances, I would, but I'm unfortunately on a feeding tube for most of the day for the next few weeks, and I can't leave the house while it's running. And well, I'm going stir crazy! However, I AM going to take a long time on this model and hopefully make it my best, so I might be able to wait on the decals.
I would take the time to build and wait until the book Erich mentions is out. By that time you'll have a completed model and then look for a paint scheme thats interesting.

I rarely do the model provided decals and sometimes just find something interesting. Sometimes it goes wrong (like the 1/72 Dora I've done in 1944 Eastern front white-wash...don't know what was in my head!). The next LW planes I'm gonna try are captured Allied stuff and other way around. Found some pics of a Bf 109 captured by the 325 FG in North Africa. They used it to fly around and named it "Hoiman". I love doing unique stuff.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking in regards to the decals.

I haven't really done any that have gone horribly wrong, but I've certainly done some that were well below my expectations.

You'll have to post pics of "Hoiman", sounds cool!
Soon as I decide what scale. I've got Bf 109s in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 and one large mutha the scale escapes me. Another collector of fancy plastic and cardboard boxes, thats me! :rolleyes:

But most definately post your progress too. Love to see how it goes.
Soon as I decide what scale. I've got Bf 109s in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 and one large mutha the scale escapes me. Another collector of fancy plastic and cardboard boxes, thats me! :rolleyes:

But most definately post your progress too. Love to see how it goes.

Yup cardboard and plastic collectors:D

Should start our own club, whos kits can gather the most dust.:oops:
I certainly will if the camera situation gets resolved. I'm able to get out of the house for a couple hours tomorrow, so that's when I'll be getting it. I just have to finish my Airfix 1/24 Bf 109E. I think it looks pretty good, for now. That model really is a piece of crap, and I'm not sure I'll even be able to get the canopy on as it's not wide enough to reach across the fuselage, which is together VERY tight.

Haha Heinz. I've got a half built 1/48 P-40 and a not built 1/72 Lanc (but half the pieces are off the tree for some reason) sitting in my closet, so I'm not doing too badly. It's my younger brother who's got a 1/48 F-18, F-14 and a 1/72 F-16 sitting in the closet, and he's on the hunt for a Seafire in 1/32, which may prove hard to find. In fairness to him, they were gifts from a birthday party a while back and jets aren't his favorite. WW2 like my dad and myself.

And scale-wise, try doing the 1/32. Just my opinion.
I have many models half built Catch22, school just gets in my way at the moment.

My lancaster which I'v scratchbuilt the interior for has been started since Jan 2003,
although I just started a 2 week break so look out for some ones actually finished, ( finished whats that mean :lol: )

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