Ok, lets try this...

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Feb 6, 2005
Thought it could be fun to try this, so here goes... (Never tried this before, so please bare with me :) )

Which one is the better choice ?


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Ok, before I decide here's a couple more...


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You mean the previous ones ?
lesofprimus said:
The one with the Dora by itself Soren...

Oh ok, just got a little confused for a moment.

Ok this is my last attempt for now, let me know how Im doing:


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Hi Soren !!!
The sign with yellow 10 Fw190D is nice.I agree with Lesofprimus it's been the best so far.
I'll pick the Yellow 10. (Until I get abit better at this atleast)
Ok here's a new one, whats the verdict ? :)


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