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Some excellent stuff there, the winners of that competition will be displayed at the RAF museum and somewhere in the US as well. I'd have a hard time finding a favourite though

The International Screenshot Art Contest

Screenshot is very proud to announce, in association with the Royal Air Force Museum, London and the San Diego Aerospace Museum we bring you the biggest and best Screenshot Art contest ever held. The top 20 pictures will be displayed at both Museums for two weeks and along the way will be judged by the following professional Aviation Artists:

Michael Turner, James Dietz, Charles Thompson, Mark Postlethwaite, John W. Clarke, Mark Miller, Wade Meyers, Russell Smith, Martin Bleasby and Paul Couper.
Personally I hate this bogus stuff. Every time I'm looking for a certain aircraft image on the web a bunch of this crap pops up instead of an actual photo or at least an art painting.

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