One Letter Wrong Movies

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Dec 9, 2007
Revis Island.
Simple game...Change one letter in a movie title

I start it off with "Chitty Chitty Gang Bang" and "Lord of the Wings"
Pilates... funny, I can image Sparrow and Catherine in their costumes/clothes balancing upside down and bending about, talking/sounding as they do...

'Attack of the Crones'
Hairy Potter

A tale of a potter who suffers from a disease causing hair growth all over the body

Muhuahahaha B17, I think you've recently watched 'The Dictator', - next part of the line is "..Justin Beiber's chubby double!"

Past Action Hero
The Last Starlighter
Fright Of The Intruder
Big Trouble In Little Chino
The Moonies (Goonies)
The Last Region (Legion)
Fresh Gordon (Flash Flesh)
Initial P
Jurassic Dark

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