P-47D 78th FG "Okie"

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Jan 14, 2007
New Jersey USA
When I started using aftermarket decals in the 70's one of the first planes I built with the then-Microscale sheet was Major Quince L. Brown's P-47D, personalized as 'Okie.'
In 2003, SuperScale released sheet # 48-879, which included a later version of 'Okie.' I decided to re-do the plane and try to incorporate some weathering techniques.




This was an attempt to fade/ weather the paint and dirty up the panel lines. I was a bit ham-fisted with the chipping and learned my lesson.

This aircraft is Brown's personal mount, assigned to him upon his arrival to the 78th FG in April 1943. He used this plane for 8 1/3 of his final 12 1/3 aerial victories. It is a P-47D-6-RE, although T-bolt purists will notice the final cowl flap is notched, not straight as the -6 planes had.
The checkerboard nose was not adopted until April 1944 and Brown flew his plane until the completion of his first combat tour in July 1944. Upon his return to combat he received a new P-47D-21. The original 'Okie' was re-designated WZ-V and re-assigned to another pilot.
great looking razorback !! ............

just a little later bubble top of the 78th, from friend and vet Huie lamb who shot a Me 262 down in this rig

Thanks all.

This kit is a 1/48th Hasegawa, and besides a new resin cockpit, (I threw out the original pit accidentally; it was assembled and painted and still stuck to the masking tape on my tabletop newspaper cover), I added new brass tubing barrels, a PE ring and bead sight, and a rearview mirror from an Academy kit.

I guess Hasegawa is my favorite manufacturer. If you want a certain plane they probably have it.

Ken, is the top centerline of your checkerboard cowl work historically accurate? I've always wanted to do checkerboard, but wondered how to make the transition on compound curves. Looks awesome to me.
Aaarrghh, Matt, you got me .

For as nicely as the rest of the checkerboard went on, (including the bottom), it was all I could do to get something resembling symmetry on the top. I hate to be inaccurate, but this was a case of creative repair or strip off the whole checkerboard.

Would have been good to have a weathered version and a factory fresh version. I would have just started a new model but that is just me.

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