P Diddy Drunk Off His Face, Very Funny

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Oh thats nothing! the Premeir of Alberta, Ralph Klein once went on a drunken rampage and stop off at a homeless shelter said and I quote "Hey Chugs (racial slur to native americans) quit being a drain on the economy and get some ****ing jobs!" then puked on the floor and ran off, rumour has it he was caught pissing on a police cruiser,

now for all you Ontarions and nova scotians who are looking to make another cheap shot, after all that hes still a better premier that Dalton Maguintie (yes i know i spelled his name wrong) :rolleyes:

And to the Nova Scotians well if you want welding jobs you best keep your comments to yourself :)
You know, once in a while you'll see him clean up and act normal (in actuality a wanna-be businessman) but this just shows he's still a lowlife @sshole...

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