Photo search B17-F 351st BG/508th BS

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Jan 19, 2008
The Netherlands
Hi all,

I have difficulty in finding a good photo or profile of a B17-F of the 351st Bombardment Group/ 508th Bomb Squadron. I have searched the web but couldn't find anything good. Perhaps someone is able to assist?
Any help is much appreciated!!

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I've found two photos so far, but need to verify the squadron. I also need to check the book further (Fortresses of the Big Triangle First, by Cliff T Bishop, Vol 1.) in order to cross reference with other books/sources.
Unfortunately the two B&W photos are rather small, and not great quality, but I'll try to scan them, if the book will fit onto the scanner without damaging the spine.
Hi Terry,
Thanks! Much appreciated! The photo is wanted for the illustration of our recovery we did on a 351st BG/ 508th BS fortress 42-29826 (all crew POW) piloted by 2/lt Leo P. Turgeon some years ago. Last week we received several parts from this a/c which were removed from the wreck just after it crashed. I'm almost ready with the renewed story regarding this a/c, crash and recovery for our website. But I will post a few pics here coming weekend.

As promised just few pics of a few parts we were given. A lot of ball turret parts. The .50cal(left waist gun) was recovered a few years back....when I found it I first unearthed the grip and I couldn't believe it being a .50cal so I told my friend it was a bike grip or paddle or something. Just we wouldn't be disappointed. It soon proved otherwise when we dug further. BTW all our aircraft weapons we have recovered are kept under strikt permit regulations and we have a full weapons permit.



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Jimmy Stewart was with the 445th Bomb Group, a B-24 Group, as Operations Officer for the 703rd Bomb Squadron, and was then promoted to Captain, and Sqn Commander in November 1943, whilst based at Tibbenham.
January 1944, Stewart was promoted to Major, and transferred, in March 1944, to the 453rd BG, also with B-24s, at Old Buckenham, where he was Grp Ops Officer.
He was finally grounded in July 1944, with promotion to Lt. Colonel and Chief of Staff at 2nd Wing HQ.
Far as I know, he didn't fly B-17s, or command a B-17 unit.
Sander, if you could PM me your e-mail address, I'll send the photos once I've finished searching.
My father John W. Cabaniss was flight engineer on that a/c It was `The Yellow Rose of Texas 2` I have a copy of the crew prior to departure US. They ferried a B-17 over so named the Troubleshooter and received the battle readied 42-29826 shot down over Belgium

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