Pisis translate, please

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Nov 9, 2005
I have no idea what language that is, but I understand it's about the urban legend of Mr. Gorsky. They say that when Armstrong was a young boy he had a neighbor called Mr Gorsky. He wanted oral sex from his wife, but she replied that she would give that when the kid next door walks on the moon, meaning never. The legend goes that when Armstrong stepped on the moon he remembered his old neighbor and said "Good luck Mr. Gorsky". Anyways, it's only an urban legend and he really didn't say such thing.
I don't wanna to translate it all but generally it say that when Neil Armstrong stepped on the face of Moon, he said not only the legendary "step" sentence but another one: "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky!"

Most of the NASA staff thought it is adressed to some Russian cosmonaut rival but they found no mentions about a name like this one in the anals. Simply nobody with a name like this existed within the Soviet Space programme....... When interviewed, Armstrong always refused to comment it and just smiled instead....

5th June 1995, 26 years past the Moon landing event, Armstrong was asked again.

As a kid, Armstrong and a friend of his, used to play baseball on their backyard... Once their ball fell on the neighbours' backyard, so young Neil ran for it and when he was next to the window, he witnessed his neighbour, Mr. Gorsky, was asking his wife for oral sex... She refused and said: "Blowjob? Wanna blowjob? Neighbour's boy must be walking on Moon to be a blowjob given to you"

Hope it helps. :D

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