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Jan 11, 2005
Cordoba - Argentina
If somebody can translate the next caption to english or spanish I will be enormous preciated.

Junijske mačke iz Argentine

Argentina je razočarala na svetovnem prvenstvu v Koreji! Ampak, to ne pomeni konec sveta, tako za Agrentince kot za ostalo svetovno javnost ostaja upanje. Agrentinski mački Manine in Marie pravita: "Eno srce in eno upanje na naslednjem prvenstvu 2006 v Nemčiji"!

Thanks already
No, no. It is Slovenian or maybe Croatian or something. Well, depending to my mother language, Czech, which is very different but from the same root, I'll try to at least make it more enlighten. Could be the article related to cats (?!). Because in Slovak (which is nearly same to Czech) "mačka" means a cat. So could be?

Junijske mačke iz Argentine - have no clue... I only understand the construction of the sentence, which gives "Unknown noun + unkn. verb + something related to Argentina (probably from Argentina)"

The next is easier:

"Argentina was first (on some competition) in Korea! And then, it's not the end of the world, the Argentinians still hold (?) the world (something, don't understand - maybe 1st place).

Argentinian (cats???) Manine and Marie said: "One heart and one (something, dunno...) on the upcoming 1st place in Germany!"

Geez, hope this help at least a bit, but... :lol:

This is what was generated by the web translator: LOLOL!!!!

June she-cat out German plate German plate there is unblissful upon pilot primary within Korea! However , this thingummy to signify pea-time , thusly upon I Agrentince undivulged upon I trace pilot world trace vista. Agrentinski she-cat Manes plus Prison-van to tell : " uni yolk plus uni vista upon follower primary 2006 within Nemčiji "!
The "she-cats" thing became more understandable if you look at the photos where this caption was.

The History behind the phrase is a weird one:

I was looking for pictures of argentine women to post it in a spanish forum.
I wrote " Pamela David" ( wich is a well known agentine model-actress) in the Googles image search and it direct me to this page.

Pamela is the girl with the body painting, the funny thing is that in the "Properties" of the pics none is named as Pamela David.... :shock:

I guess that the search engine of Google like this brunette.
:D :D Indeed, that is the part that we talking about

Pisis said:
"Argentina was first (on some competition) in Korea! And then, it's not the end of the world, the Argentinians still hold (?) the world (something, don't understand - maybe 1st place).
Ahhh! You should include the URL sooner! Now it makes sense:

The Argentinain football representation team did not win the championship in Korea, but it's not the end of the world anyway. The Argentinians still have to offer something on a 1st class level. ;)
The 2nd sentence is related to the two chicks in the bath (One heart and one (hope it's not obsence in the native language :D ) stick together and let's look forward to the upcoming championship in Germany!

:D :D ;) mistake :confused:

So according to this slovenian guys we should no take too serius the bad actuation on Korea-Japan 2002 having this kind of women in home...interesting.

Thanks you again. ;)

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