Portland bumper cars

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yep good ole big city in my state.........the goofs. ya need chains to get in or out. we have the same slick crap here in the south part of the state. it's clearing out just in time for the verglas to form and then the hwy dept to add the rock for black ice ....... bozo's, we've had at least 1-3 deaths daily since last wednesday in my little area of craziness and 4 x 4's.

c'mon you're not driving fast enough, run up that hill will ya and then overturn and get stuck going the wrong way in the on-coming lane.

there are at least 5 roads closed in my section of the sphere
you are so right ............Oregonians not thinking ...... with as many weird slopes that there are in Portland, you would think the locals would put on chains !

ah no, oooooooh I'll grease up my dress or my suit.
because they are stupid ........ am not even sure what was down in the intersection but business they probably parked and walked, slipping on and off the streets. Portland downtown is quite compacted. I lived in the area 4 years, four years I would like to forget
My son came home today with a similar story about a slight hill at school. Slick hill. Car A attempts hill. Car B follows right behind. Car A slides into Car B. Sad part is that contracted buses were not allowed to let students out of bus until they were in "official bus" lot. Son said they sat in bus watching dumb parent shenanigans for 20mins until they could enter bus lot about 100yds in front of them. Ugh.

I hate lawyers. :evil3:
i know most of the problems with ice comes from the slippery aspect but which is it better to have, a high or low ground pressure? best to have a tracked vehicle or thin tires?

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