Post ur Pic for Our New Member Mug Shot Album....

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Im putting together a new Member Mug Shot Album... The final product will be locked and stickied in this section...

I have a bunch of u guys' ugly mugs still saved, but if u want to post a new or updated pic of ur mug, feel free....


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I noticed the signs behind are for the USS Cole.

Here is a more recent one of me, in the Hall of Aviation at Disney's California Adventure. It is the line for a ride called "Soaring Over California"


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I did some work on the Cole after she came back to the States with that big ass hole in her hide... Really a bad time there... I had to go into some spaces that stunk of burnt flesh and copper....

The signs were givin to me by an old Senior Chief that I knew from the Good Ol Days...
Here's me...


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This pic is about an hour old.
FBJ is not smiling Evan thats a smirk aimed at me you can tell what hes thinking ( I get to fly these neat planes all you do is play with a big train set ) I hate you FBJ :lol:


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You fellas are whacked! :lol:
Joe, I gotta say this. In that pic you look like a thinner, younger Ron Jeremy! What a porn set, eh? Sorry! :lol:

Here's my latest. Don't like it? Tough! ;)


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Not all the time Eric.

Look oh what joy Data Links


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