Question about Ta 152-riveting needed?

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Feb 27, 2010
To those who ever worked over Fw-190D or Ta-152.

I have started Pacific Coast 1/32 Ta 152.
It is almost started because there are big problems with what lays inside the box. :(
Museum photos show the enormous riveting along the wing and fuselage. At the same time I found that after assembly all the rivets were polished away and covered with some " paste 8800" .

Focke-Wulf Ta 152 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... the rivets around the cockpit skinning being sealed with DHK 8800

They were doing it for improvement of aerodynamics I suppose.
Do I need to rivet the plastic if I am doing the combat plane from JG 301 in 1/32?
By the way the rivets are mostly visible on the lower part of the wing.

I am glad to hear any assumptions. Because I am lost!

P.S. Is anybody have the measurements of the cowl flaps for Ta 152?



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