r u Watching the "Live 8" Concert?

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
I'm just wondering if someone is watching the live show of Live 8 concertal series, being done in all the G8 countries round the world.

I just saw Will Smith's show, I saw him for the 1st time and I think he is a very talented rapper though. He combined his rap with even some ragg.

I also saw Snoop Dog - shit. And also some black guy with a white jersey and over it he wore a black tshirt, he had a golden neckchain - his rap wasn't bad, but he bahaved like being on cocaine...

And Maddona is crazy. And on cocs, too. They're all! :lol:
We have it on the Czech TV, and they're making cuts from all around the cities.

It'd better be named Stinking Fart. Fuck them! :lol:
Hmmm... chcecked it out - we have now some gay-group called Snowball or so... Several gays in white dresses singing in high voices... Crap as well.
I think the vast majority of acts were dump, and I don't care for the "cause". VR was good though, and Weiland as always was high on coke.

OLP were on in Canada too but the turds in this country don't even know who they are, so we had Ross going "Uh...there's someone performing in Canada..." :rolleyes:

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