'Rainmaker' - Avro Lancaster

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Thanks for commenting and making suggestions.

I've added some treads to the tyres and this forms the first image of a planned sequence.

Not seen here but I finished the mid gun turret and added a simple gunner figure which is really a straight copy of the pilot in a different pose.

I spent some time adding some paint flaking to show bare metal but I couldn't manage to get it to look correct this time around - I've opted for the well maintained look! :)
hi becco,
is this lanc based an oldie ?, if so there should be NO yellow hand rail going to the nose inside, this was installed for safety reasons on PA474 in the 80's.

the lanc' build up looks perfecto !!

ian lanc: Thank you. The version seen is not based on any real life Lancaster but is fairly close to an early Lancaster. I still have some work to do for this model to be completed so I will adjust the colour of the handrail.
ian lanc: Thank you for posting those reference images. The exhaust one is very useful - now I can make the third set for this 3D model! The body apnel structure is also very useful to get the models' materials more accurate. The only panels defined at present are the main sections.

I will be finishing off the Fokker DR1 before resuming the Lancaster though - it's all to easy to have several projects on the go and never completing any!

Having built a new computer some months ago I've finally got around to transferring the 'Rainmaker' model over to my new system and got it rendering.

This update is just a rough composition of the second image in the 'Rainmaker' series.

Yesterday, as the sun was going down I took a few photos to test, one of which is used in this update. Those electricity pylons will not be in the final render but they will prove useful to get the scale of the sky correct as things progress.

A similar sky hdr image will also eventually be used to match up reflections and refraction.

The control tower is the one I made last year.

Wayne Little Heinz: Thank you.

Although the general composition of the 'Rainmakers' next image isn't going to change too much the scene requires more items.

With not enough time time to make additional aircraft I downloaded this free Spitfire from www.colacola.se - by Anders Lejczak, 3D Models for download / freebies (also, a nice site for ww2 3d aircraft images)

The model is for Poser but the included geometry is in .obj format so easily converts for use in other 3D software programs. The only mod's I've made are to change the serial numbers and make some new materials.
Great work Becco..!!! I love the detail you can get in there..!!!

With that Spit you downloaded, the AJ codes are incorrect - they were the markings of No.617 sqn (The Dambusters).
Lucky13: Thank you.

Just a coply of simple scene props':


The airfield windsock


A repainted low poly' figure from Poser 4

Initially the grass and runway where seperate objects. Now they are combined into a single object and a little reshaping done. The composited sky has been tidied up.

Wayne Little: Thank you.

A quick update with some adjustments to the 'Rainmakers' texture maps and materials. The scene now has a suitable hdr image for reflections, providing a more natural appearance than Maxwell Renders physical sky.

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