Rules for Europeans visiting the US

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I got a chuckle out of it. Like Douglas Adams's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" says about the planet Earth. "Mostly harmless". That's what it was.
I've only ever been outside the US to Vancouver and Salzburg. Canadians are very friendly and laid back, and Austrians are pretty cool. I wonder what they think of American tourists.
Please. These are recommendations on how not to engage with a moron. I can well imagine such recommendations being made about any society whose stereotype is Napolean Dynamite.
Napolean Dynamite? Is that Dynamite used by Napolean Bonaparte? My goodness I am surprised they could find any left.... (Just kidding but please explain who or what Napolean Dynamite is?) ;)
It's a big hit movie over here about a dorky kid with a funny name. Not to my tastes but it's a big hit with other kids.

Salzburg really was a cool place. Frikkin castles and saltmines, how cool!
The salt mines in Salzburg are great! I really enjoyed riding the little train down into the mines and dressing up in the miners outfits so you dont get your clothes dirty. Done it several times. It is a must everytime you go there.
Does anybody remember the name of that castle on the hill overlooking the city that has been turned into a museum of sorts, with all sorts of displays from middle age torture devices to WWII german uniforms?
Ok, just wanted to know. Anyway it isn't that "Where Eagles Dare" castle that got raided by that US Commando unit is it in real life?

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