Russian ex-spy dies in hospital...

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Nov 9, 2005
Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian ex-spy who said he was the victim of a poisoning, has died in hospital.
Mr Litvinenko, 43, died on Thursday evening and the cause of his condition is still being investigated, said University College Hospital, London.
Scotland Yard said officers were now investigating "an unexplained death".
Friends say the former KGB agent was poisoned three weeks ago because of his criticism of the Russian government. The Kremlin has denied any involvement.

(BBC News)
Polonium-210 -- the radioactive substance used to poison a former Russian spy in London -- is one of the world's rarest elements, first discovered in the 19th century by scientists Marie and Pierre Curie.
It is highly lethal when ingested, and extremely hard to detect, experts said.
For days doctors struggled to identify the poison that led to the rapid deterioration of Alexander Litvinenko's health, and ultimately, his death late Thursday.
On Friday, British police said trace amounts of polonium had been found in Litvinenko's urine, and that it had been deliberately used to kill him.:shock:

That is news. Certainly not what they had been reporting in the states to date.

Russians are good at that poisoning stuff man.
Okay now they are reporting the same here. Scary pricks. How many have the russians done in in the last year...Ukranian babe criticising Kremlin...etc. The 14th century remains in the headlines. :(
You can never leave only if you are dead. They killed him for sure. The Russians love poison. Just like Rasputen, but he died after being shot, because the cianite did not work.
no these guys would've known exactily what they were doing, a substance with a nuclear breakdown is more than enough for these guys to mention the word nuclear, and nukes have such a bad image as soon as nukes are mentioned like this some people will believe that we're on the brink of nuclear war, some people really will believe this i can promise you.......
I thought stupid people only lived in the US. Glad to see we share these jewels of society. It brings us closer.

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