SBD-3 Dauntless 200 feet deep off San Diego, California— 80 Years Later

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May 3, 2022
I thought people in this forum might enjoy the history and update on this plane crash off San Diego, California.

Eighty years ago today, Aug 24 1943, US Navy radio man third class Richard H. Moore and Captain William Parks Jr. were on a routine training mission when something went horribly wrong and they crashed their SBD Dauntless BuNo 4563 into the Pacific Ocean off San Diego, California. Both men died in the crash. Richard H. Moore was on his delayed honeymoon.

The wreck lies 200 feet deep and my friend and his dive buddy first discovered and identified the wreck a few years ago. I did my first dive on it Feb 2021 and had always wanted to return to build a 3D photogrammetry model of the wreck site.

I returned in late July and took the photos to build the model but had some delays before posting the results.

In a crazy twist of timing, three things happened: (1) We were contacted less than a week ago by a relative of Richard H. Moore who had found our website while researching the crash (2) I was getting ready to publish the model I built and (3) it dawned on me that that the 80th anniversary of the crash was coming up quickly.

I finished the model and wrote the post for release today, on the anniversary. We have been in touch with his relatives and have offered to take them to the site of the crash, similar to what we have done in the past.

Today, we honor the service of Radio Man 3rd Class Richard H. Moore and Captain William Parks Jr on the 80th anniversary of their crash of SBD Dauntless BuNo 4563.

More information is posted below with links to the online 3D model and photos of the crash site.

Here is one of the pictures of the engine with a wolf eel in one of the piston cylinders.



- brett

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