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very strange, Johnsons victory against a IV.Sturm/JG 3 Fw 190. Took him quite a few tries to bring the puppy down until the pilot ejects and then Johnson goes after the empty Sturm a/c. I'd say the German pilot gave him a pretty good run for his monies being overloaded.......a slow pig that it was.
Hee hee - so funnay - that guy running away from that guided missile :D anyone know who shot the missile and at what? cos it woulda been funny if the pilot actually aimed the missile at the running dude. btw u cant eject outta a FW190, u sorta pull the canopy bak and fall out and then pull ur chute :). oh yeh, hve a look at the GAU8 (the big gun mounted on the a10)firing video - turn the sound up and enjoy 8) .


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