Slightly disturbing news

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Jeff Hunt

1st Lieutenant
Jul 20, 2012
Guelph Ontario Canada
As many of you know, back in 2015 I traveled in England with a buddy of mine, Jason from Buffalo. While in England Jason went a bit off the rails and consumed a fair number of English chickens, ie Speckled Hens. This year at Oshkosh
, I am sad to say his sick love of all things animal has left the fowl world and moved into the bovine. So sad to see such a young family man hit such lowly depths of depravity.


Such a shame.......


Has anybody tried this one? "Bear Whizz Beer. It's in the water. That's why it's yellow."
Gadzooks !
Take a Yank to the 'old country', and he'll try anything !
I truly believe that, having drank the 'Tin Tent' dry (of a week's supply of Speckled Hen in one night). that Jason should forgo that case of somewhat dubious beer, and send it over here - just in time for the September show at DX.
Purely for inspection, and, of course, for the ongoing health of Jason .............................
New Glarus is actually an amazing brewery. They make some of the best beers in the nation.

Spotted Cow is not, but the following are very very good New Glarus beers:

Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale
Totally Naked
Two Women
Hometown Blonde

I actually miss drinking New Glarus brews.
I have a life long friend that is huge in the micro brew scene. He has traveled world wide tasting beers and touring breweries. I think he said at last count he had tried over 1,200 different beers (he has an app that tracks it). I asked him how many of them were actually good and his response was about what I figured. He said, "Maybe 2 or 3 out of 10 are good. The rest need some tweaking or are downright awful."
A long time ago, for my sister's first husband's (killed in a car crash shortly before first anniversary), somebody brought a beer so bad that, when it was opened, the smell alone drove people out of the train room. I'm told it tasted worse.

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