So I looked up an old friend today.

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Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
Franz Stigler, he's still alive and well. Still involved with the local flight museum and and clubs. I talked to his wife for about half an hour. Franz turned 90 not long ago. He has difficulty walking but still gets around. I'm making arangements to get together with him in the New Year. It would be great to see him,He sold his Me 108 to a guy in Australia about 15 years ago which is about as long as it's been since I've talked to him !
Busted you probably have a pic of him in tunic with his Deutsche Kreuz right ? I would say give him my greetings but he will not remember me it has been to many years. maybe you can get a scan or two of his Bf 109G's from his old Afrika days and his Reichverteidigung ok ?

good for you, glad you made contact again..... wish him Fröhliche Weihnachten from all of us here including his beautiful wife as well.


Erich ~
Outstanding! Make sure you take good notes when you get home while it is fresh in your mind. If he is cool with an interview and a tape recorder, take it along. You won't regret it.
That's sort of what I have been thinking. I have found that there are two types of Vets, the ones that want to share and the ones that don't and I respect both. My Father in Law has opened up to me over the years. My wife told me when she was a kid you just didn't talk about the war. I took him out one night to a pub with a bunch of my riff raff friends and he really opened up about a lot of things and it was fascinating.
My Uncle Ian who was in The RAF, talked alot about the war when asked but mostly about daily filling in the blanks kind of things.
My Uncle Angus who passed away this last September was a gung ho hard ass hard drinking mo fo was awesome to listen to. I miss him dearly, his stories some how became bigger than life.
This is probably very corny to say but WWII was the last noble war if such a thing is (was) possible. I kind of fancy myself a History freak and a plane freak, I hate Stephen King Novels ! and thrive on non fiction writting.
WWII was the last War fought by warriors and not Politicians. We owe so much to their memory ! Lest we forget......
I've found that my grandfather likes to talk about the fun times in training, on the bases he's been to, on leave, and things like that, but he's still reluctant to talk about the missions. I can understand and respect his feelings, but I'm truly afraid that he'll be gone soon and it'll be too late to get the goods from him. I'll miss my grandad. :(
My great uncle is a completely lost cause when it comes to relating his wartime experiences. He won't say a word. I respect that also, and I won't push him further.

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