Somewhere to put all our combined info on P-40's

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Airman 1st Class
Do you know I have only just realised there is more to this forum than meets the eye, As I found it by doing a google search on something and it went right to the forum page, I signed up and saved the forum page as my faverite page to get back in. Only now do I realise there is a database section. I've not found it very easy to access, is there a tutorial on how it works?

Meanwhile my facebook group is up and running and I like it, so I'll keep it going. I have put a link to the forum on it so new folks can share and enjoy the forum too. If I can get into the data base I will see what it's all about?


Senior Airman
Jan 21, 2007
Brunswick, MD
Hey Chris, I should have known you were on here!
I enjoyed the photo section over there on the P-40 page, lots of them I have never seen before.
Great work,
Art Reid over there in Facebookland...

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