Standard sidearm for French military

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Jun 4, 2005
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Maybe this explains the performace of the French military in many of their wars.


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I don't understand..

Are you implying that the million+ French soldiers killed in WW1 were cowards? because that doesn't seem to tie in with accounts of the time..

Or the 250,000 killed in WW2 before their country (one of several) was overrun by a superior force?

Surely if they were afraid to fight, then their losses would have been much lower, as they would have surrendered or run off at the first sign of trouble?...

Someone please explain to me with relevant data exactly why the French are cowards?
Clave said:
Nope, that does not do it.

Anyone can lose a war, it's not difficult..

Let me explain it to you.

the French army has had a long history of incompetance. Theyre poked fun of for that reason. This is a universal joke......... all people around the world laugh at them.

Understand that?
That makes sense, but that is the top level I presume. I just don't see the common soldiers as 'chicken' but anyway, its not important, I was curious about the whole idea that's all...
at the start of WWII the French had Western Europe's (including Germany's) army, yet they were taken in the same time it took jerry to capture Belgium, and then the reason they managed to hold out so long was because of British input, if Britain hadn't persuaded them otherwise France would've given up long ago......
Clave, are you seriously trying to tell us you don't understand why the French military is made fun of? That's been happening since the late '50s when De Gaulle wanted France to be considered a third "World Power" with the US and Russia. Having been stationed with French Air Forces, I will say that they are just as normal as the rest of us at Base X, but only those who have been in combat with them will be able to vouch for their performance (or lack thereof) under fire. Watch the news and see how much effort is spent by the French government to avoid conflict.
Yeah, and also look at the last war they won... it was the War of 100 Years with Joan of Arc... And they lost all of the battles in 99 of the 100 years.

And it only needed a French to accept to be leaded by a crazy girl, then betray her to the English and then make a Catholic Saint out of her.
The only real accomplishment made by the French nation in wartime was when they were led by a tiny Corsican.

In 1940, France had the largest army in Europe. By numbers alone they should have been able to hold off the Wehrmacht with some degree of ease. Instead, incidents of the French soldier running off back to his home village or not shooting at the Germans because the Germans weren't shooting at them were all too common.

The French "Saar Offensive" pushed a couple of miles into the Saarland, and the soldiers did not open fire on the German soldiers hanging out their washing 500 yards away.

In a serious historical discussion about the actions of 1939-1940, I could give the French some credit and would use much better words than coward. Because in the end, most of the French soldiers were not cowards but the French military system and training was a shambles. But in an everyday mockery of the French , yeah, they're cowards.

Shame that no one discusses "Fall Gelb" probably because it was the greatest military operation in history bar none. And it was done by the those terrible Nazis ! So, we can't give them credit for anything.

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