"Steve, are you with me??"

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I saw that. Ive never been in a high performance plane before but I have been in a glider and I got pretty nauseous in that. I got a little dizzy just watching the cockpit cam. It would be the highlight of my life to go on a blue angels cruise but i'd probably puke/pass out/both at the same time.
When I was first learning how to fly I had a terrible time with airsickness. A doctor told me he believed it was from some innner ear damamge, possibly from when I was playing hockey. Eventually I over came it. When I got to fly in some jets, I never got sick...

The G suit helps!!!
the lancaster kicks *** said:
man, how comes he was even up there? he win the trip as a prize or summit?
He was probably a media geek or had a connection. The T-Birds and Angels love to take the media up and fling them around like a wad of snot....
syscom3 said:
Wad of snot?

YEP - a smeard one on a bathroom wall - about what they look like when they're done! :evil4:

We had a VP who wanted an F-4 ride, everyone hated this guy. The pilot who took him up got him so sick he didn't show up for work for 2 days!!

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