Storm Of War: The Battle Of Britain

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Dec 17, 2004
I can't wait for this new series from Oleg Maddox; Storm of War
BoB is the first in the series


*Entirely new game engine.
*Superb graphics and physics.
*Detailed damage modelling - The damage will appear exactly where bullets and shells hit.
*New technology allowing precise terrain and ground object rendering .
*Large cities like London will not be deserted and lifeless anymore.
*Planned street traffic imitation in particular the famous double-decker buses are already made.
*Dynamic weather.
*Detailed aerodynamics and improved flight models.
*New dynamic campaign engine.
*Every AI pilot will have his/her own profile including favorite tactics and combat methods.
*The player will be able to choose into his/her squadron different AI subordinates for different tasks.
*Extended ground-control cooperation.
*Ground-radar will assist pilots in the target acquisition.

*Episode one (1st episode in the series of the new generation of the simulators):
*RAF flyable Spitfire Mk.I, Hurricane Mk.I, Blenheim Mk.IV, Gladiator Mk.II (possible)
*RAF Ai Defiant Mk.I, Beaufighter Mk.IF, Blenheim Mk.IF, Blenheim Mk.IVF.Blenheim Mk.I, Wellington Mk.IC, Lysander Mk.I, Anson Mk.I, Cierva C.30A/Avro Rota Mk.I (autogyro) Sunderland Mk.I (possible)
*LW flyable Bf-109 E3, Bf-110 C4, He-111 H-2, He-111 P-2, Ju-87 B-2, Ju-88 A-1
*LW Ai Do-17 Z-1, Do-215 (recon.), FW-200 C-1, He-59, He-115, Ju-52 /3M, Bf-108.
*Italian Flyable FIAT G.50, FIAT CR.42, FIAT BR.20M


Magazine scans here:

Early screenshot: Bf-109E-3


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great, i don't even have AEP and now a new add-on? at least i have FB and PF anyways
Don't hold you're breath this wont be out for ages, I'd be suprised if we see it before the end of this year. There are 3 more addons for IL2FB+AEP+PF to come beforehand. I can certainly wait though, I need time to save up for a proper gaming rig that an handle this new beast, I can barely run this merged install on my laptop let alone a whole new game engine.

And yes it's a completely new game series from IL2, should cover the BoB then move through various other theatres and years of the war, BoB is just the first one like Il2, then they will add on on various other theatres, hopefully the one after BoB will be the Med/North Africa theatre, my personal favourite.
My hope is that ultimately they'll release a completed Pacific Theatre sim, or add-on to BoB. You know, one with the full roster of ships. Ships including the proper American and Japanese battleships, not repainted British battle wagons, and also British escort vessels, i.e. destroyers. Most importantly though...flyable torpedo bombers.

But we will finally get the Lancaster. :D
great! enough time to save my allowance and still eat lunch (I'm underweight), only 80 lbs at 5" 2"
There is one thing that I am dissapointed with on this is the Battle they have chosen. Almost every flight sim does the BOB. One of the things I liked about IL2 was the airforces chosen, Russia, Finland and other Russian Front nations.
I would have liked say Battle of France. No spits, only Hurricanes and Gladiators for the RAF. Hurricanes and CR42 for Belgium. Germany with 109D's and early E's with 4 x LMG and the 110 as a real force in air to air combat. Dutch Fokker D21 and D23 plus the French aircraft MS406, De 520 and Bloch 152 with their heavy cannon but very limited ammunition, all pitched against each other.
Bombers that we only saw at night flying missions during the day Wellingtons, Hampdens plus Blenhiems.

Thats what I would like, some more imagination
Wow... If ever I have to buy a new computer, I'll surely buy this game also. Even if my current computer is relatively new (one year old or so), I seriously doubt that I'll be able to run that game smoothly... I can barely run CFS3 smoothly with overall details set to 2.
They couldn't release it as another IL2 expansion because it'll be based on an entirely new game engine.

I think BoB will do well enough, but if 1C releases the IL2 code into the cyber world as they've hinted at, then HS may be quite right. With third-party developers finally able to create new planes and objects on their own without Oleg's approval, IL2 and PF may find a second lease on life after all. If you ask me, they should have released the code from the start. The worst thing about the IL2 series is that it's probably the only flight sim where third-party stuff is so limited. It bugs the hell out of me that the Pacific Theatre is so limited in the ships department.
Trouble is, it isn't limited m8.

So far off the top of my head we've had:

Hawker Typhoon, Spitfire 14 and F.22, B-29, Fokker XXI, The Aussie Boomarang, pits for the US Navy Planes that Grumman screwed among many more I've forgotten.

All were 3rd Party, but not to Oleg's taste............
But that's exactly what I mean. 1C is the only sim developer I can think of who refuses to allow independant third-party input to their games. Everything must meet the express approval of Oleg Maddox, and he turns away some awesome stuff for things like the Gotha or the I-185. Why no Meteor? Why no Spit Mk.XIV? Why the hell no Lancaster, or other British heavy? Then we had them release PF with half the ships missing. I hope they do release that code, and I hope there will still be enough interest left among developers to create some additional stuff for these games.

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