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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
guys if you would like check my web-site out through my profile. a familiar painting introduced on the header as you link inside thanks to the artist. In fact I may put up the full sotry or at least what I have so far in the text to cover the event. Note to the French edition of JG 300 volume 1 has been published. click on the book cover as you scroll down on the left fact chek all the links for some exciting historical reading at your leisure.

Horrido !

Erich ~
done and replied. to keep a site alive you have to reveal collected info on a slow basis to keep it intriguing and fresh........... 8)
yes sir they do indeed.

As mentioned I want to futher the 27 September 44 attack over Kassel depicted in Randy Wrights painting. I was able to get Neil and Randy together plus supply the notes on the painting. Hoping to grab one of those paintings as I have a perfect spot for it as I own a piece of 5mm steel plate from a SturmFw of JG 4, the guys attacking the B-24's and want to display both together..... ok I am wandering...
funny you said tracers Les. If you would find Randy's site he did some close ups of white 20 showing the cannon shells ejecting from the chutes and flames coming from the four cannons. Personally I find it corny and glad he did not include this in the original work as it really cannot be displayed effectively without taking away from the painting. Most probably it should of shown explosions along the back of the B-24's but even then that is hard to prtoray in paint realistically. man I wish I could come up with more ideas how to display my gun cam films I own.....
Great site, Erich. I was reading the story about the 492nd BS, awful! That must have been terrible, makes me want to buy the book though.
Plan the book is a bit misleading. When we wrote the article, part 1 there were and still so many gaps so i decided to write Al Blue and he slowly started revealing information at least by the 492nd standard. They thought they had been attacked by conventional fighters with standard armament but the B-24's were falling just way too quickly and many of them simply blowing up, the cause of Flak or so he/they thought. The revelation was cast before him and he was amazed the the trueness of the attck was available.............and on it goes
And for the record, here are the painting clips that erich and I were referring to as far as tracers and shell casings....

One question........ Why is the pilot wearing what looks like a blue uniform, and a yellow scarf (life preserver?) ???


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well observed !..Reichs defence pilots operating around and over Berlin always wore them..the city is surrounded by stretchs of water,lakes, reservoirs, rivers etc least one JG 300 pilot drowned after bailing out and floating down into a reservoir..
a scarf was worn to prevent chaffing, due to swiveling the neck/head to the rear almost constantly....
Glad Neil came in with his two cents..... :D

Les no I do not know him that well but get to his site and call him as he would am sure honour you with a phrase or two of dedication. Am still wroking with him at present on another version of this drmatic event this time from the B-24's point of view. have already sent him a route map the 445th took and the area around Eisenach where some 24 bombers crashed some quite close together. neil may have more on that from JG 300 books point of view.

Wanted to point out and this is a bit delciate but the blue tunic may have been replaced by now in the fall with the brown~black~blue lederjacke. Not the heavier insulated fur line one for winter but the typcial summer weight with yes the yellow perserver as standard equipment.

E ~
No the painting will not be changed, the new B-24 print will come out probably next year and you will not see the details of the German pilots and in fact I would not doubt that the Fw's/109's will be in the distance or sweeping through the bomber pulk.

buy the print and tell him Erich sent you !! :D
Les and others, Neil has this pic as well but here is a shot of IV.Sturm/JG 3 ace Willi Unger in the fall of 44 with the summer weight lederjacke with the rank insignia..........


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