Take a flight in an Me-262?

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
Just saw this.... It might be of interest to anyone who has a bunch of disposable income they might want to use up.

Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star - The Collings Foundation

The Collings Foundation is pleased to annouce an opportunity of historical proportions! Private individuals can now be a part of the world renowned Messerschmitt ME-262 Flight Program! From the best possible vantage point, the cockpit, participants will take to the skies in this legendary aircraft. This is a once in a lifetime chance fo pilots to fully experience the aircraft that made history as the first fighter jet and one of the most important aircraft of WWII. For the first time ever, The Collings Foundation is offering tax-deductible donor positions. Only contributors to the ME-262 project will receive flights. This is an extremely rare opportunity to take an active part in the operation of the most feared aircraft of WWII. This aircraft is recreated to exacting standards from an original ME-262 trainer. The ME-262 carries a continuation of the original work numbers assigned with updated engines and safety equipment. Flight Operations Director, Mr. Rob Collings explained, "the ME-262 embodies all the characteristics expected of an aircraft that changed aerial combat forever. The mere sight of the ME-262 struck fear in the hearts of all Army Air Corps aircrew that saw it in the sky; it was just so far ahead of its time! Never before has anyone had a chance to fly this legend and now they do!"

For additonal information please contact:

Rob Collings (617) 510-5237


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I bet it's more than that. The B-25 and B-17 that the Collins foundation does is $400 and they can take 10 people at a time.
that's a bit over £200, not shockingly bad considdering what you're getting, it'd make a fantastic present for a loved one for a big anniversiary or birthday...........
but of course a theif would say that, if by some horrible co-incidence she is stolen it'd be the easiest FBI investigation ever, all they'd have to do is google it- you've just admitted it all :lol:
My flight two years ago in their B-17 9 0 9 cost $400.00 large. thanks dad for the flight of a lifetime.....I would guess the 262 flight is $600.00 or more?

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