Tempest Mustang

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Larry Bejayna

Aug 6, 2006
Occasionally hear the Tempest labelled god as medium fighters go. So how would it do at medium height against Mustang?

Very fast, better maneuverability than Typhoon, better armed than Mustang. Bit heavier. Arrived nearly same time as Mustang D, spring 44.
ADFU comparison between Mustang III (P-51B/C) and Tempest V (Serise I)


Range and Endurance
25. By comparison the Tempest without nose tank or long-range tanks, has no range. When the extra fuel is available it should have a little more than half that of the Mustang III fitted with two 62.5 gallon long-range tanks, but without the extra 71 gallon body tank.

Maximum Speed
26. The Tempest V is 15-20 mph faster up to 15,000 ft., there is then no choice to 24,000 ft, when the Mustang rapidly pulls ahead, being about 30 mph faster at 30,000 ft.

27. These compare directly with the results of the speed tests. At similar performance height the Tempest has a better zoom climb.

Turning Circle
28. The Tempest is not quite as good as the Mustang III.

Rate of Roll
29. The Tempest is not so good. This attribute may be improved upon later aircraft with re-designed ailerons.

30. The Mustang III has superior range of action and general performance above 24,000 ft. Conclusions should not be drawn below this height, but the Tempest has a much better rate of climb and speed below 10,000 feet. ""

Seems to me that the RAF thought the Tempest V was significantly better below 10,000 feet.

I'd probably pick the Tempest V up to about 18,000 feet, particularly those with the later Sabre IIB rated a +11 lbs. It was probably the fastest Allied figher below 15,000 feet, with 2240 hp at its disposal. The P-51 was probably a little more nimble in the turn, but I'd say the Tempest rate of climb and seed of the Tempest V would of been an excllent asset for it.

This comparison was done with a Tempest V Serise I without the spring tab alierons (first 100 or so delivered I think). When the spring tabs were fitted the initial roll was notably improved and rate of roll increased slightly.
the Mk.II ws the superior of the two however by that time the war was over and the need for them was lessened, however they did lead to the Fury and Sea Fury on the plus side..........
Sea Fury would smoke Bearcat even eh? Too fast.

So who would rule at medium alt. D-13, Sea Fury, or Bearcat?
Range near same in Corsair. Climb better. Not sure on roll, turn dive. Take more punishment though. Later ones were faster had better armament, 4 20 mil cannon.

As for Sea Fury Bearcat, me thinks Fury a bit too fast.
the Bearcat and Sea Fury have always been considdered the very pinacle of piston engined fighters, and both have feathers in their caps, most noteably for the bearcat is her climb to height records, most noteably for the Sea Fury is her service record which includes one confirmed MiG-15 and several probables, there really is little to call between them, but as i've only seen the Sea Fury in flight and can say she's a very agile bird, plus she has the better armament and the best part of all, she's British!
Both cat Fury had 4 20 mil cannon, armament is the same. I's say maneuverability goes to Cat, speed to Fury.

Corky Meyer said cat was based on FW 190. But then Sea Fury was also to whatever degree.
interesting, i was always under the impression the bearcat retained the usual 6x .50cal, whad'ya know.........
Not many because of the Air Ministry did not like radiators in the leading edges.They said it was to vulnerable to ground fire so scrap yard.

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