The Biggest Reason To Keep Ur Eyes On The Road...

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The driver of this vehicle did not survive....


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Something like that happened to a 17 year old on my street last summer. He was turning left into a parking lot at a blind corner, when a bus clipped him. The car burst into flames in no time, and even though onlookers tried to save him, the heat was just too intense. He was a good kid.

The bus was speeding, which didn't help. The driver lost her job, and charges are still pending.
It always seems like the good ones die. In most cases of drunken accidents the drunk driver survives and the mother and children die.
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
It always seems like the good ones die. In most cases of drunken accidents the drunk driver survives and the mother and children die.

Yep... And in Québec it sucks so much that we thanks drunk drivers... even if it is NOT the first time he got caught, and even if he was NOT allowed to drive his car because of that.

"You drove your car drunk and killed a whole family ? You'll go to jail for two years."

"But Mr. the Judge, my two legs were broken in the accident..."

"Well, you'll still go to jail but the SAAQ will compensate you for your injuries."

And you know what ? After passing 1/3 of his time "inside", he'll be freed because of his good behaviour and he'll be back on the road !

Please, get me out of here...
NS, I will... as soon as I get my "full" driver's licence (I'm still on the probationary one). Then I'll try to find a job as a Correctionnal Officer. Ironic, eh ?

And I'm not kidding... :lol:

DerAlder, I agree with you. It should be counted as a murder... Or in the case I listed, four murders.
Whats the limit in the States? Here it is 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. In practical terms then roughly one pint of beer.

However, it can depend on many factors such as the amount and type of alcoholic drink, your weight, sex, age, food intake and metabolism.

Probably better to stay on the wagon altogether.
There was this person here who fell asleep at the wheel and crashed on to a railway line. A train hit his Range Rover and de-railed killing 10 people.

He was convicted to 5 years in prison but only served 2 and a half. He's never even apologised to the families for what he's done!

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