The Death of N1322U

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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
Here is a shot of one of the planes that WERE in my flying club, before and after. One of out members decided to go out and fly one night when the winds were gusting to 50 knots - he didn't get far... :rolleyes:

The Insurance wrote it off, we're already in the process of getting another plane...


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lesofprimus said:
Then he should have known better than to try it....

YEP!! It was awful that night - he wanted to get his night landings in...

anything over 30 knots is hight risk for getting flipped over - this guy found that out....
The tail has almost been sheared off, the prop bladed are bent, the spinner is dented, there is a fair about of damage...

Remember to be a right-off, all that has to happen is that the repairs have to cost more than the vehicle is worth...

He was still an idiot to try it especially if he had that much experience you would of thought he would know better.
A big chunk of the windshield is broken out too!!

Breaking the tail was the major issue - there's no way you could repair that without an assembly tool. The wings also bent as well...

Because of the prop strike the engine has to be overhauled, that alone is about $8000.00.

From what I understand he got flipped over when he was doing his engine run. The night it happened I was thinking about flying but when I called to check weather the winds were already over 30 mph...
Well, we got out new plane - she's a beaut!!!

She'll be on the line next week - the club incurred about $10,000 in cost to replace 1322U. This one has an autopilot but no DME, so we're working that right now. Thank god we had money in the bank so our dues didn't go up


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Could have been a whole lot worse. What is the club going to do with him, maybe limit him to the oldest plane you have?

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