The fastest police cars

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Having driven a few Crown Vic's with the Police Interceptor package I can tell you they are Fast!!! Talk about hauling @ss!!

Of course this is the baddest, fastest cop car ever made!!!


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Mad Max.

I love the Porsche 911. But they had to spend $100,000+ on the car and not get a low profile lightbar? I'd like to meet that resource adminstrator and kick 'em right in the ass. Sounds a little like like BS.


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I'm pretty sure but down in Brisbane I think the cops uses Subaru Impreza's. Hopefully someone from down there will be able to verify it for me.

There was rumours around that cops in Brisbane were using their personal cars, because there was all sorts pulling people over. But I found out recently that the QLD Police have been buying unusual cars and fitting them out with radars and police equipment.

I've heard of; Commodore Utes, Hummers, Corollas, Subaru Liberties, Pajero's and....................... A Land Rover with a TRAILER!!!!! :shock:

It's cool that they're using unexpected cars to get people, but it's scary!
fly boy2,

The Saleen S7 is not a German car, it's an American supercar.

As for the fastest police cars, well around a circuit I bet this is in the Top 3 and perhaps the best:

Ok, this should actually be the fastest police car in the world today:



Hi Negative,

>It's the Capparo T1. Not sure where you would put the criminals though.....

In the rearview mirror, of course! ;)


Henning (HoHun)
A Brabus
and how long at its top speed before it rips its own blues and twos off?

Hi Colin,

Well actually it should be an extraordinarily smooth ride at its top speed of 365 km/h. And without the lightbar on top I bet it could go another 10 km/h.
I'd be perfectly happy with a '49 Mercury Police Patrol car.....:lol:[/QUOTE

I agree with you 100% there Lucky! the 49,50, and 51 Mercs were IMO, among the coolest old cars from that era! Cool looking body in stock form, just begging to be chopped and dropped.

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