The last Surviving WW1 German Soldier Dies

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Dec 20, 2003
Ipswich, Suffolk
There was an artical I read while on my holidays that stated the last surviving German soldier of WW1 had died recently. It also said that there are 12 UK soldiers left but mentioned nothing about the US or other nations have any of you guys got any info about this matter.
I am not sure with us on the other side of the pond. I read a story about a year or so ago about a WWI veteran that was well into his 100s, maybe 115. I do remember he was the oldest living veteran. He volunteered in a veterans hospital up until the day he died. In the article, he was about 30 during WWI and was not assigned to the front because he was too old. So he carried ammo to the front in a horse drawn wagon and brought back the dead and wounded.
I think we lost our last one in Australia in 2001-2002, Eric Campbell. Maybe that was just last surviving Gallipoli Veteren though. Am unsure though about that. Think no New Zealanders still alive. Maybe Kiwimac might like to check on that though.
Cheers Dhas the link worked fine I recommend you others guys have a read its interesting stuff.
Good on yer Smiler you and your mates won't be forgotten, not by me any rate.

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