The Slowest Plane of WW2?

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Nov 3, 2004
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They'd have been slower planes than the Catalina, if we're talking maximum speed. But generally all planes go around the same speed at 0 MPH when they're sat on the ground not doing anything.
Maybe, but planes like Storch, Piper "Primus" Cub, etc. were currier planes anyway. I mean combat planes...
Well, you said 'slowest plane' , indicating any plane of World War II. You actually mean planes that carried weapons and were used in active, engaging the enemy, combat ?
The question was: But what was the slowest fighter and the slowest bobmer in World War II?

I see no 'edit' for the post.
The title was "The Slowest Plane of WW2?" which is a question in itself. And then he went on to state that the PBY was the slowest, which was an answer to his own question that we're disputing.
Oh my god, planD... :rolleyes:
Can't you read?
"...But what was the slowest fighter and the slowest bomber in World War II?"
BTW, PBY was also a combat plane, sinking 37 U-boats during the WWII...
When you title something with a question, it's a question. Or don't either of you understand simple English? And question mark indicates a question, funnily enough. You made a question in the title and answered it with the PBY, and both Dan and I disputed the title question/answer. Or are both of you too stupid to understand simple conversation?

And where did I dispute that the PBY was not a combat aircraft? What land or planet do you live in because it's becoming increasingly more difficult to believe that you live in the same one as the rest of us. Stop smoking that shit Pisis, and step back to reality.
I think that PZL P-7a could be as the slowest fighter.
Its max. speed at 0m altitude - 276 km/h, at 4000m - 327km/h, at 6000m - 309 km/h.The cruise speed - 285 km/h
The slowest bomber name could go to PZL P-23A/B Karas.Its max. speed at 0m - 263/274 km/h, at 3000m - 304/319 km/h.The cruise speed - 230/270 km/h.
But I could be wrong.
My vote for the slowest bomber would be the Po-2/U-2

Originally built as a transport/utility, it was used by the Russians in vast numbers as a light night harrasment bomber, it was usually fitted with a pair of 120kg bombs or (occasionally) 4 RS-82 rockets.

Flown by the famous 'night witches', female combat pilots in VVS service, the Russians had a serise of nicknames for it, including 'lawnmover', 'grasscutter' and 'sewing machine'.

The Po-2 was powered by a 5 cylinder radial that produced barely more than 100 hp. Night bombing runs would often be made with the engine switched off, gliding in towards the target area, and then releasing the bombs onto the unsuspecting enemy position.

And the maximum speed? Just 155 kph/98mph!

Reportedly, when a Po-2 was spotted they were quite difficult to shoot down. The planes were so slow and nimble that they drove German pilots in the faster and far more powerful 190s and 109s into fits just trying to engage a target doing less than 1/3 their velocity.
The one that has an English comprehesion problem is you pD for Pisis went on in the text of his post and further qualified what his was asking for in his thread title.

Yes the Po-2 was slow but so was the 'Stringbags'. ;)

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