there is a ..........

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May 20, 2004
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story behind this craft and it's friends. do you know what unit and AF ?


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Nope but I am sure you are going to tell us Erich.

Is it KG-200 by any chance.

They painted many of there aircraft black and they had 7 B-24s that I am aware of, however most of the B-24s used by KG-200 had yellow undersides I beleive.
It isnt one of those early model liberators given to the RAF, who then put one of their bomber noses on it?

Or it could be one of the leaflet bombers used for propaganda purposes.
getting closer sys. Actually the unit did drop some surrender leaflets but they were primarily used for dropping Allied agents and bombing. this special unit was equipped with B-24's only, all black
the last two chaps are getting closer yet ..........the unit did Carpetbagger missions.

A hint: the 8th AF 492nd was absorbed into this unit after it flew the disasterous 7-7-44 daylight mission it was ordered to form up night evening drops but then the 8th fell away from that totally giving way to "other AF"

I forgot what unit it was but wasn't there a recon unit that used Libs. Planes were painted black and thier exhausts were long to muffle piston fire at night. I think they also dropped OSS agents too.

yes they did that too .........

c'mon what is the unit do some research guys in your vast array of US AF books........I'm giving this away I think
another tidbit for you all ......

the B-24 unit was organized on 18 January 1945
Erich said:
yes they did that too .........

c'mon what is the unit do some research guys in your vast array of US AF books........I'm giving this away I think

Hey I am at work educating the future of America with a WWII section that is 10 years old and at a 10th grade level.

oh dang ! Eric is correct.............his site link is fantastic and note who helped towards the bottom of the thank you's ..............this was back in 99-2000 I think but yes his relatives B-24 was one of the craft that got terminated by a NJG 100 Ju 88G-6 with SM weapons

Hugh has added more materials.

The provisional group flew all over Yugoslavia, portions of Italy and all over Austria. the US crews never figured out what hit them though. sometimes thought it was Flak but usually some German secret weapon as the German nf's were never id'd except for the rare occassion the black bomber made it back.................most often not.

good find Eric 8)
while this could be connected to the Mossie vs Ju 88 thread, see lat post I made there..........

II./NJG 100 while performing too many night ground attack went after anything it could find in the air usually it did not find much while it's sister gruppe the Ist did much better.


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