Uncle Dennis's flight record

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Dec 20, 2003
Ipswich, Suffolk
I know a few of you guys are aware that I had an uncle who was a Wellington (MK III) pilot with the RCAF Bison Sq and with Erich's others help I located his details and have found his flight log .
His aircraft ID was BK 540.
We always knew him as Dennis but his first name was really Harry but he didn't want to get confused with his dad so he preferred Dennis.
His navigator Bomb aim-er must have felt very lucky when they missed his final flight, not so for the 2 poor sods who took their places.
I just thought I would stick on here guys as it will float around the web for years after Ive long gone as a personal memorial.


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Les is the master of the Avatar as far as I'm concerned, I must admit I Like the Lock Stock clip with Vinny Jones slamming the car door on that blokes swede fucking hilarious.
I'm sure you have this info already but here it is anyway :D

Type Wellington
Serial Number BK540
Squadron 429
X1D AL-?
Operation Bochum
Date 1 29th March 1943
Date 2 30th March 1943

Further Information
"Serial Range BK534 - BK564. 31 Wellington Mk.111. Part of a batch of 600 Wellington Mk.111. BJ581-BJ625; BJ642-BJ675; BJ688-BJ730; BJ753-BJ801; BJ818-BJ847; BJ876-BJ922; BJ958-BJ991; BK123-BK166; BK179-BK214; BK234-BK281; BK295-BK315; BK330-BK368; BK385-BK408; BK426-BK471; BK489-BK517; BK534-BK564 delivered by Vickers (Chester) between May42 and Dec42. BK540 was one of two 429 Sqdn Wellingtons lost on this operation. See: BJ920. Airborne 1945 29Mar43 from East Moor. Last heard by Hull D/F at 2043 at which time the bomber was in position 5333N 0140E, putting it apx. 60 miles of Lincoln. F/S Bain is buried in Denmark at Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery; the others have no known graves. Sgt H.D.G.Carty KIA F/S D.L.Bain RCAF KIA F/O P.B.Crosswell KIA F/S E.K.Hart KIA Sgt R.E.Scott KIA Sgt W.F.Whiteland KIA No accounting for the six-man crew. "

I can probably get you a bit more info if you want? I'm happy to look in my records and there's quite a few good resources on the net I use for my own research.

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