Unofficial Screenshot Thread (Any Game)

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Dec 26, 2003
To kick it off...

After I installed the Tiger Moth, I wanted to try its included flights and selected one named, "Under the Wires!"

The point basically was to do some stunt flying under wires while the C/O was away...

Once I got it up and running, I noticed two things: a) the hangar next to me read, "MANCHESTER," and b) that there were other Tiger Moths flying about, inspiring me to try to do some semi-coordinated stunt flying...

Here are some photos of the Tiger Moth taken by the creator, as well as the link...
(For some reason, the "
" tags don't work...)

Here's the description...

"File Description:
Former payware package uploaded with permission from original authors. The deHavilland DH82 Tiger Moth is one of the most popular British training aircraft ever. Upwards of 90% of the Allied Air Forces' pilots (WWII) were trained, either in the deHavilland Tiger Moth or the Piper Cub. Included are several paints of the wheeled DH82 and with the float equipped Tiger Moth. This FS aircraft is typical of the level of quality that is standard for anything Bill Lyons designs and if flying this type of aircraft is enjoyed by yourself, then this is simply the best Tiger Moth you'll ever find for FS2004 or COF. Bear!"

Download link.
Also here.
(Registration is free and quick for both sites - *NOTE* -, featured in the first link, tends to be much faster...) If you need to go back at another time or search other sites, type in Tiger Moth in the search bar, the featured file is (At flightsim), NOT

License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 19th August 2003
Downloads: 12678
Author: Lynn Bill Lyons
Size: 8240kb



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I've had that one with Pips' plane killing that Hurricane for a while. n_n *happy dance* I'll have to link mine. I have a bunch from Wolfenstein and Medal of Honor.
Here's a nice shot as well. The plane isn't upside down though - so it's still up for grabs C.C!


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I've flown under a bridge upside down in a Bf-110. My dad and brother were daring me to do stuff, another one was run my tail wheel in the water without crashing and prop strike without crashing.

I have some screens of Blitzkrieg, the Narvik mission, but they are .tga and I have NO idea what to open them with.

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