USN service in summary

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Jan 14, 2007
New Jersey USA
Enlisted and entered Great Lakes boot camp 1991.
Directly to "A" school, Millington TN. First choice on Order Choosing day.
One week later, orders taken from me, torn in half, and I'm told I am not USN but rather USNR-TAR(AD).
"What does this mean," I ask.
"You are not an active duty sailor, you are an active duty naval reservist that will train and administer reservists on the weekends. You're in the Navy but you won't be seeing any boats. Any problem, airman?"
Nope. Sounds good to me.:rolleyes:
Orders come for NAF Washington D.C. ABSOLUTE BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE, 1992-1996.
My billet there is discontinued, I take an extension and assignment to NAS JRB Willow Grove. Absolute worst two years of my life, 1996-1998.:(
Tough it out, separate in 1998.
I enlisted at 27, after high school, college, and five years civilian work.
My military time was the best time of my life.

Very cool. I took my pre-service aviation physical as NAS Willow Grove! I almost passed out at the Subway after they put the drops that dilate your pupils in... good times thanks to Uncle Sam!
Not a sailor?

A tard?

I think I've been verbally abused.:)

I guess you don't wanna hear about duty or standing watches or any other way of redeeming myself? Didn't think so.:oops:
Anyway, I loved it and I'm proud.


P.S. FLYBOYJ, a P-3 reference? I remember them well.
I guess you don't wanna hear about duty or standing watches or any other way of redeeming myself? Didn't think so.
I guess u havent done alot of reading here.... I was in the Navy from 1987-1997 and served with distinction with ST2 and 4.... Ive sood my watches as well shipmate....

And as for all u brown shoes and Polywogs??? This here Shellback says u dont deserve Davey Jones' blessing or King Neptunes cherry...
You ever noticed how all the guys with aviation experience finally make there way out into the civilian world.

For me it was the military made flying a job for me and I wanted to fly just for fun. Besides I can make more money as an aircraft mechanic on the outside. If I can ever get to Alaska that is! It is really hard to get a job workin on the Blackhawks here in Germany.

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