Vintage Wings of Canada selloff continues

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Jeff Hunt

1st Lieutenant
Jul 20, 2012
Guelph Ontario Canada
Hurricane-- for sale
Lysander--for sale
Canadair Sabre--gone

and now this
Warbird & Classic Aircraft Sales |

Swordfish -- for sale

The sold Spitfire ( mk. XVI) has been replaced in the fleet by a mk. 9
The Hurricane for sale is a MK.II I believe and is being replaced with a MK.XII IIRC

All I can say is thanks to VWofC for getting these flying and showing them around.


Yeah, its a bit worrisome. I get that selling off duplicates like the Spit and Hurricane when new ones are obtained can make sense but the Swordfish and Lysander are unique, as was the Sabre.

The provenance of his current flying Hurricane is not known as all of the data plates and Merlin engine were missing when it was originally acquired by the Fighter Collection. It is assumed to have come from a production block of 1200 aircraft built under Contract 62305/39 which covered IIB, IIC, IID, and even Mk IVs as well as some Sea Hurricane conversions. The "new" Hurricane is indeed a MkXII, ex RCAF s/n 5447 which was purchased from Harry Whereatt in 2006 along with the Lizzie. The new Hurricane will be painted to represent Mk I LE-A flown by Willie McKnight.

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