Volunteer needed

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Aug 21, 2006
Flyboy's wording convenced me to post some more documents but I will need some help. I can scan the documents but have no idea how to convert them to PDF files. Plus need time for my own research. So if I scan them then this person will convert them to PDF file and post them here. I would perfer some one from this web page or a monitor of the web page so that I know the stuff gets posted. May take a week to get all of the data but something would get done.

Any takers out there????

Thanks for your time

PS. The teaser is the first document I plan to try is the Fw-190A-5/A-6 that use to be on the internet but no longer is.

If every thing works fine and the converter wishes to do it again then I will give them a choice for the next one with one of the following below.
B-17 pilot manual
B-25 pilot manual
F4U Corsair manual

From there we will see how it goes.
Thanks Guys, I'll try to help out as well. I'm supposed to fly all weekend but now its looking like I might be rained out. If so I could give a hand. I think I have a few more manuals to post as well.
Well I feel kinda stupid right now. I started the Fw-190 doc. My scanner said do I want to scan it like a document and I said yes. Just scanned and scanned and scanned and well after all of it done it asked me if I had any more page's. Said no and well it made it into a PDF file for me. Is'nt technology great.

Thanks for the help and offers though.

Bomber I will make one of the B-17 for you. Thanks again every one.

No problems Micdrow,

Technology is designed to trip us up and make us look not as bright as we thought we were...

I look forward to reading the B17 pilots manual, as the B17's I'm modeling are coming along quite nicely



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