Vote for Your Favorite Soundgarden Tune...

Favorite/Best Chris Cornell/Soundgarden Tune...

  • Hand of God - Screaming Life - 1987

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  • Hands All Over - Louder Than Love - 1989

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  • Gun - Louder Than Love - 1989

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  • Loud Love - Louder Than Love - 1989

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  • Slaves Bulldozers - Badmotorfinger - 1991

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  • Holy Water - Badmotorfinger - 1991

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  • Fresh Tendrils - Superunknown - 1994

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  • Pretty Noose - Down on The Upside - 1996

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As most of u know, I am the biggest self-proclaimed Soundgarden/Chris Cornell fan here at The mans voice is unreal, even in this day and age... Soundgarden named themselves after a pipe sculpture in Seattle's Sand Point that makes unearthly howling noises in the wind... Talk about a perfect name....

I am using my Moderatorship to decide which songs are to be choosen from, cause its my damn Poll.... I will post the songs, along with album name and year.... Take a listen, judge for urself, and above all, feast and bask in the glorious pipes of the Worlds Greatest Voice...

And for an added bonus, since I like u guys so very much, I have included a LIVE version of MY favorite song, Beyond The Wheel, which honestly and truly shows Chris Cornell for the God that he is....



  • 06 Hand of God.wma
    5.1 MB · Views: 121
  • 04 Beyond the Wheel.wma
    5 MB · Views: 109
  • Soundgarden - Beyond the Wheel (live).mp3
    6.8 MB · Views: 136
  • 01 Flower.wma
    4 MB · Views: 123
  • 02 Hands All Over.wma
    6.9 MB · Views: 118
  • 03 Gun.wma
    5.4 MB · Views: 116
  • 07 Loud Love.wma
    5.7 MB · Views: 119
  • 02 Outshined.wma
    6 MB · Views: 119
  • 03 Slaves Bulldozers.wma
    8 MB · Views: 115
  • 04 Jesus Christ Pose.wma
    6.8 MB · Views: 123
  • 11 Holy Water.wma
    5.9 MB · Views: 120
  • 08 Spoonman.wma
    4.7 MB · Views: 114
  • 12 Fresh Tendrils.wma
    4.9 MB · Views: 114
  • 01 Pretty Noose.wma
    4.9 MB · Views: 125
  • 02 Rhinosaur.wma
    3.7 MB · Views: 126
Man, I've been listening to Soundgarden since I was three years old. Now I'm twenty - and I still don't know my favourite. Although, Jesus Christ Pose has always been one of the best in my that's the one for me.
I dont know I was never a die hard fan of Soundgarden. I have allways enjoyed there music but to say that I have a favorite Soundgarden song I cant.
Love Soundgarden...wouldn't switch'em off the radio. But being a Zephead don't know many of their songs.

Spoonman I thought was one of the best songs of the nineties. Love bands that create new sounds.
I have made my informed opinion. I do not have a favorite Soundgarden song. I like there music and would never turn them off but just not my favorite thing and I dont have a favorite song, sorry...

To make you happy I will vote for your fav.
I've probably heard them but wouldn't be aware of it. I never know whos playing or what song it is on the radio anymore . i listen to anything at all its just background noise .
If u aint ever hear them pB, listen to the tracks I posted.... Damn Im disapointed....
Your buddy Chris Cornell is performing here on the 14th .
Okay i'll listen out for a bit and pay attention maybe it got better
Okay i've switched the presets to give it a try . Am I in the right stuff with this playlist
Classic rock has been the thing here since the late 70's
12:10PM Stars - Ageless Beauty The only tune I liked off
12:05PM System Of A Down - Lonely Day
12:00PM Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag
11:57AM K-OS - Crucial
11:51AM Pearl Jam - Alive
11:47AM The Tragically Hip - In View
11:40AM Three Days Grace - (I Hate) Everything About You
11:37AM Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
11:29AM Wolfmother - Woman
11:25AM Modest Mouse - Dashboard
11:19AM Foo Fighters - My Hero
11:16AM Operation MD - Sayonara
11:09AM Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job?
11:05AM Muse - Starlight
10:59AM Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
10:55AM Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)
10:49AM AlexisOnFire - This Could Be Anywhere In The World
10:42AM Incubus - Dig
10:39AM Billy Talent - Devil In A Midnight Mass
10:32AM Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
10:29AM 30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday
10:22AM Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
10:17AM Junction - Component Of Four
10:09AM Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
10:06AM Jesus Mary Chain - Sometimes Always
9:59AM Linkin Park - What I've Done
9:55AM Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
9:47AM Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
9:43AM Foo Fighters - No Way Back
9:34AM Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box
9:32AM Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment
9:28AM Sam Roberts - The Gate
9:19AM Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
9:16AM Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell - Drop It Like It's Hot
9:13AM Sum 41 - Pieces
9:09AM Incubus - Anna Molly
8:59AM Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye
8:55AM Sublime - Santeria
8:43AM AlexisOnFire - Boiled Frogs
8:29AM Our Lady Peace - Is Anybody Home?

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