What's an HC-144?

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May 30, 2011
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I did not even know what a C-144 is.

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An article I read said that nobody else knows what an HC-144 is, either. Being USCG, with and H designation, ATC often assumes it is a chopper. In one case they offered to let them land on the ramp and the pilot's response was, "I can only do that once. I'd rather use the runway."

H, as a prefix, of course means "Rescue" but it used to mean Helicopter. That is where the Huey got its name. It was HU-1, meaning a Utility aircraft that was Helicopter, before deciding that H as a primary designation would mean Helicopter and U would be Utility, making it a UH-1.

How many H prefix fixed wing aircraft do we have? HC-130 and now HC-144, based on the Airbus CN-235, which is another one I've never heard of.
Yes, the Airbus CN-235 is actually the CASA/IPTN CN-235 designed by the Spanish CASA and the Indonesian manufacturer IPTN. Because the CASA became the part of the Airbus holding the name was changed. The development of the plane is the CASA C-295. The military version was marked with the "M" letter for both types.

Generally, the HC-144A is the CN-235-300CG and based on the military variant CN-235-300 MP Persuader. The full marking is the EADS HC-144 Ocean Sentry.

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