When boys have too much time and money

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Oct 18, 2006
You have to admire the craftsmanship and imagination to even attempt this.
(From a friend in Phoenix, photographer unknown)


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That is fantastic!! Wonder what kind of engine and horsepower. I bet she's smooth too. Roll up yer pant legs. And is that a Ryan Firebee behind the bike?
Looks like a Skyraider to me, check out the dorsal to the vertical stab.

also no cowl scoop on any Fireball I can find. Its hard to tell from tha angle but the Fire ball had a really distinctive wing shape with a step-like thing at the root.. Ah, real technical me?

Rigid frame, like I want :D

However without the radial!

That would be rather nuts although I've got a picture of a bike with a 24cylinder engine init. Possibly a Napier out of a Tempest

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